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Our assessment tool will show you if your candidate is good at sales, how they fit the job and culture.

Sales Performance Management Overview

You may have heard that is important to have the right person in the right seat, but many would say that it as one of the most important decisions you can make in creating an active sales force. Having the right people in the right job is more likely to impact your sales results and retention more than anything else.

sales performance training and employee development for company sales department - CentrixityFinding the right sales people is something you can not do simply by an interview alone.  People will tell you that they are good at sales but then how do you know?  By having a formal job hiring process using assessments that scientifically assesses their strength and capabilities, you will also learn how they will naturally absorb the product knowledge you give them so you can see how quickly they can get up to speed. By understanding their inherent natural strengths, their workplace DNA if you will, you can make intelligent talent-based hiring decisions. You won’t have to make another decision based on your gut; you were tired of interviewing or just because you liked them.  Now you know what their individual strengths are, and you can leverage the in building your team.

How We Can Help with Sales Team Training

We know that large enterprises tend to have an enormous sales force, which means they will need a system in place to not only understand each person’s unique strengths but how to manage and evaluate them when creating teams. Centrixity provides tools to help you learn about your salespeople, providing you with custom training solutions and leadership strategies that will best fit your organization.

Our Sales Performance Solutions

The Profiles Performance Indicator™ measures behavioral tendencies in five critical job-related competencies: productivity, quality of work, initiative, teamwork, and problem-solving. They are used to evaluate employee talent. The Profiles Performance Indicator™ increases employee productivity and motivation and provides recommendations for improving employee performance.

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