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Improve Your Employee Retention Rate

With hiring at some of the highest that we have seen in the last eight years could you use an edge in finding top talent for your organization?

If you have to replace someone, the overall expenses of that hire can cost you anywhere from 30% to 200% of their annual wages.  Also, things costing companies money when replacing someone are negative morale they may have caused, customer relations they may have damaged, and lost sales.

employee retention seminars - how to keep your employees - CentrixityThe talent pool is already tight and then add in the fact that over 3.6 million baby boomers could retire in 2016, companies will want to hire quickly, and get the right person for the job the first time.

We help you with your people turnover problems. Do you want to reduce your turnover rates as much as 70%? By using science and technology along with our, Job Match feature, you can see your candidates job success predictability. Companies that use our assessments have seen their return on investment be $100 for every $1 spent.

We find out from you how your business works and your current hiring process including what is and isn’t working.  Once we know that information we will provide a personalized recommendation for you to reduce your employee turnover and increase workplace productivity.

Employee Retention Strategies

Employees that have been hired right the first time are naturally a better fit for the job. When we have the fight person is in the job, and then retention is less of a problem. Talented employees won’t look for opportunities elsewhere is they are feeling valued in their position and their company.

One of the key ingredients in employee retention is ensuring that employees are matched to their jobs regarding their abilities, interests, and personalities. Profiles International provides online assessment tools to show how they fit in their current job and if there may be a better one they are naturally better suited for within the company.

Relationship Building to Increase Retention

We know that employees want to be part of a well-developed team and have a good working relationship with their manager. But, sometimes a relationship does not work, and we either don’t know why or what to do about it. Fortunately, you can get the answers you are looking for from our assessment that quickly identifies potential problems and possible conflicts. It also provides you with solutions so they can work well with each other.

We can provide you with a personalized and efficient employee retention plan that will show you the skill sets of your current team and ensure that each is well suited for their job.  With our solution, you learn about your employees’ feelings about the environment at work, their plans and aspiration, professional interests, and how to identify your top, middle, and bottom performers.

Case Studies

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