Employee Development for Internal Recruiting

Employee Development through Succession Planning

Ensuring the long-term success of your company is crucial, and succession planning can help you do just that. Managers are using succession planning solutions to help them identify the employees who have the potential to be promoted, and then they design the way to help get them there.

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Succession Planning Overview

Why would you recruit outside of your company for talented people when you can develop the ones that you already employ?

To ensure you have continued growth in your organization, a vital piece of your succession planning strategy is to decide what career tracks you will want in place for your current employees. You can strategically develop your leadership pipeline once you know the competencies, skills, strengths and weaknesses of your current workforce. Then by matching that information with the specific job duties and responsibilities you can quickly identify the best candidate to ensure maximum performance and company growth.

How We Can Help Develop Your Employees

Our online succession planning solutions will help your business develop an organization-wide view of your existing workforce leadership capabilities. This data will provide you with what you need to create succession plans so your employees can see the career path they have with the company.This is an important part of what you should be doing in ensuring your business’s future and success.

Our Employee Succession Planning Solutions

Checkpoint360°™ can be a valuable online tool to help you develop your succession planning strategies. It is a leadership assessment used to evaluate your managers and leaders skills and effectiveness. It is a leadership development tool that compiles a feedback system from their direct reports, peers, and supervisors. Included is a personalized program for developing specific leadership skills based on that feedback. The reports also provide you with printed coaching on how they can improve training, management techniques, and communication for greater success. 

Case Study

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