Manage the Performance of Your Employees

Employee Assessments & Personality Testing for Performance Management

Employee performance is a hot topic for many employers, but what is the secret to success? Motivating employees can be one of your biggest challenges as a business. Constant pressure to increase productivity, profitability, and revenue growth can often overshadow the importance of how an unengaged workforce can negatively affect corporate performance.

Managing Performance training to help manage employee performance at work - Centrixity

Learn how to identify methods of motivating and coaching employees to peak performance.

How Can We Help Manage Employee Performance

Coaching employees maximize productivity and create opportunities for improvement on a consistent basis. Learn how to identify the many factors that contribute to managing performance:

  • Capability
  • Job fit
  • Goals and accountabilities
  • Relationships with managers/coworkers
  • Physical and environmental factors

Our Performance Management Solutions

Employee performance solutions from Profiles International provide a world-class system for developing, measuring, and aligning individual goals with the strategic priorities of your organization.

These solutions provide insight into the core characteristics of individual employees and use that information to assess their fit with their job, manager, and team. This robust analysis identifies an employee’s strengths and any areas that might present any challenges they may have  (i.e., difficulty performing in their job, possible conflict with a manager or team member).

Case Studies

Click a link below to view a employee performance management case study

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