It’s All About Your People

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Your Blueprint For Success

There is nothing cookie cutter about what we do. Every company is different with its own unique strengths and challenges. Centrixity works with companies of all sizes and backgrounds to improve their businesses. It could be sales performance. It could be leadership training. Or it could be reorganization. But our recommendations are always specifically designed for you.

Discovering Your Greatness

Working with you as a true partner, we analyze every aspect of your business, leaving nothing to chance. Throughout the process, we find answers to the questions you’re looking for. And we can also uncover opportunities you may not have been aware of. Focusing on your strengths, we address the areas where we can help your company work better, smarter and more effectively. That’s how we help transform good companies into great ones.

Your Key to World Class Insight

Centrixity is an authorized strategic business partner of Profiles International, a company that has been on the forefront of the assessment industry for over 20 years. Profiles International has helped local, regional and Fortune 500 companies become more successful. Collaborating with us gives you the same tools that some of the best companies in the world have to build, develop and nurture your workforce.


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It’s All About Your People

Successful companies start with great people. Add in a clear vision, effective communications and a culture that capitalizes on each individual’s strengths, and those people begin to pull together as a cohesive unit. That’s when the magic happens.Centrixity helps you cut through the complexity of business to what is most central to your company’s success: your people. The

Centrixity helps you cut through the complexity of business to what is most central to your company’s success: your people. The Centrixity logo reflects the diversity of people … all different sizes, shapes and colors … and the beauty and power of bringing them into alignment as a single high performing team.

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Our Founders: Patty & Scott Carroll

With over 50 years of combined expertise in sales, training and leadership, one simple philosophy has guided the careers of Patty and Scott Carroll. Communicate goals, capitalize on strengths, engage employees, remove barriers – and get out of the way. It’s a humble approach they have found is the key to successful leadership.

Throughout their careers, Patty and Scott have helped start-ups, mid-size and Fortune 500 companies improve their businesses in ways that far exceeded their expectations. Their track record speaks for itself. Whether it’s cable television, telecommunications, real estate, staffing & recruiting, professional services, retail, education or non-profits, they have consistently achieved dramatic results for their partners, no matter the size of the company. No matter the industry.

Centrixity was founded to share the wisdom and knowledge Patty and Scott have gained over the years with business leaders. They are committed to helping create successful environments, where outstanding people honestly enjoy working together to achieve goals, day after day, quarter after quarter, year after year. From leadership training, to sales coaching & consulting, to effective hiring & pre-hire assessments, to frontline employee training & empowerment, to high performance organizations & teams, Patty and Scott have a genuine passion for improving every aspect of business.

Away from the office, Patty and Scott focus on spending time with their family, volunteering in the community and exploring the wonders of the outdoors. They also continue their theme of constant improvement while renovating the over 100-year-old converted church they call home.

Understanding Your People

The learning you gain from our employee assessments is incredibly useful. It helps you find out who your employees are instead of who perceive them to be, which answers a variety of questions about how they fit within your organization. Are they in the right positions? How do they interact with their managers and team members? You can learn about their skill levels. How are they performing? Are there knowledge gaps or developmental needs? You can measure aspects of their personalities. Do they have integrity? Do they have a strong work ethic? Can you rely on them? And you can determine how they respond to conflict and stress.

Elevating Your Decision Making

Our employee assessments can help you make better, smarter, more well informed decisions. This can be the difference between selecting the person most likely to succeed in a job or not. It can help you gauge the amount of time an employee needs to become fully productive in a new role. And it can improve communication between managers and employees, helping to create better harmony within your organization.


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