ProfileXT® has a new, simplified, ‘all-inclusive’ approach to the most popular tools from Profiles International, offering superior selection and employee assessment tools to help organizations make smarter hiring decisions. Delivered exclusively through Centrixity and a network of other Authorized Partners, our assessment solutions empower organizations by providing them with actionable data about the people they employ now and in the future.

Product Description


ProfileXT® makes the process of hiring and evaluating employees easier and smarter.

What can the ProfileXT® hiring software do for you?

Simply put, ProfileXT® can make selecting the right candidate for a job both simpler and smarter. Having the right people in the right jobs fosters a culture of happier, more engaged, and more productive employees.

ProfileXT® evaluation solutions help organizations:

  • Fill in the gaps between a resume and interview with actionable objective data
  • Identify the most suitable candidates, streamlining an effective hiring process
  • Match candidates with jobs that fit their inherent capabilities
  • Identify opportunities to enhance performance and maximize an individual’s contribution to an organization
  • Reduce turnover and boost employee engagement


The powerful data from the ProfileXT® selection assessment helps organizations of all sizes. Discover the value that this flexible ProfileXT® solution set can bring to hiring and development in your organization.

  • Selection
  • Onboarding
  • Team Building
  • Coaching
  • Leadership

Make hiring and developing the right people in your organization a lot simpler with this new all-inclusive hiring solution. Centrixity can help you unlock the value of the all-inclusive approach to ProfileXT® reports today.

Learn more about each component of ProfileXT®:

Start making smart human decisions today with ProfileXT®!