Profiles Sales CheckPoint™

Every sales leader deals with challenges, but not all of them deal with them effectively. The changing economic landscape dictates we run an efficient sales machine to optimize performance and leave no stone unturned in getting to that valued “Yes!”

The Sales CheckPoint™ is the perfect talent management tool to help sales leaders identify critical gaps in sales skill set, expectations, and performance…quickly and easily, allowing the sales leader to allocate their most precious of resources (time) to strengthening their sales force and achieving goals.

Product Description

Profiles Sales CheckPoint™

Sales CheckPoint™ measures 7 Universal Sales Competencies:

  • Entrepreneurial Approach
  • Understands the Prospect
  • Develops Appropriate Solution
  • Prospects Proactively
  • Manages the Selling Process
  • Closes the Sale
  • Manages Sales Relationships

We have over 20 years of experience serving more than 40,000 organizations worldwide. We use this expertise to develop reliable, validated solutions addressing your key talent management issues, delivering immediate results via clear, actionable reports and dedicated customer service.

Why Use A Sales Assessment Tool?

Profiles Sales CheckPoint™ helps you precisely target developmental needs, enable more effective coaching and communication, align sales priorities, and improve productivity and retention.

How Does the Sales CheckPoint™ Work?

Identify key competency gaps in a matter of minutes. You won’t waste time on hard to read or complex reports.

Develop training that targets crucial developmental gaps, avoiding the traditional “one size fits all” sales training that leaves many underperforming.

Align your organization’s expectations and goals with your sales people. Too often your sales peoples’ priorities are much different than your own.

Improve productivity and retention by creating a better job fit, addressing your sales person’s weaknesses and maximizing their strengths.

Get started today!!! Identify and make the changes you need easily, quickly, and effectively.

Better Sales Training

The Profiles Sales CheckPoint™ is a 180-degree feedback system that helps sales managers evaluate sales people, surface their development needs, and align sales priorities. It provides useful information to support better coaching and communication, leading to higher sales person productivity and satisfaction, and lower turnover.

The Profiles Sales CheckPoint™ is a tool used to help sales people improve their selling abilities. The sales person receives feedback from their sales manager which is compared with their own feedback. The combined feedback outlines perceived abilities in skills deemed critical to success in selling and other important skill sets.

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