Why Train Your People?

Employee Development Courses

Companies look into outside staff development programs for many reasons. If they need to implement changes, motivate people, increase productivity or decrease turnover, training can help boost the bottom line. A Gallup Poll discovered that 80% of people factor training programs into their job search criteria. Sadly, the Bureau of Labor reported that individuals only receive 10.7 hours of training per year. Why is so little invested in training? Many people believe certain myths and, as a result, miss out on all of the benefits training has to offer.

Myths About Training

Myth:Training is too expensive and not worth the costs.Fact:Successful traning increases productivity by 20%. This, in turn, increases financial gains.
Myth:The investment is lost when the employees leave.Fact:Well-trained employees feel valued and are 87% more likely to stay with a company long-term.

The financial benefits of engaging outside trainers can be impressive when the right curriculum is used and the training is successful. The Graziadio Business Report revealed that companies that invested in training programs for Change Management had an ROI of 143% while those that did not have an average ROI of 35%. In plain terms, trained employees gained 43 cents for every dollar spent on the change process. Those who were not trained lost 65 cents for every dollar spent. Businesses that want to turn a profit need training.

Well-trained employees are the greatest advantage and resource of any company. Committing to their development is a great responsibility that requires time and effort. The answer to company success lies with you. You must take the time to find the best training for your organization and be personally motivated to see it through. Your desire combined with qualified training will form an unbeatable force that will create a prosperous business.

Centrixity Training Courses and Workshops

Centrixity offers a variety of employee training topics and programs that have broad appeal to a variety of businesses and industries. Through a unique modular approach, we are able to customize our training programs to meet the unique needs of our clients, their intended outcomes, and the experience level of the participants.

Sessions are led by highly trained and skilled facilitators. We use solid adult learning concepts and employ a variety of different learning approaches including group discussion, small group breakouts, individual exercises, as well as modeling / application of learning. All of this combines to make our session engaging, highly interactive and fun.

Follow the links below to see a sampling of the programs we currently offer:

leadership development for training employees for management - Centrixity

Leadership Development

Provide leaders with tools and skills to change their behavior from the traditional practices of controlling and directing to coaching, facilitating and empowering.

team building training seminars for the office by Centrixity

Team Building

Improve interpersonal communication skills of team members and give them tools to collaborate, make decisions and solve problems more effectively.

sales performance training and employee development for company sales department - Centrixity

Sales Training

Learn to bridge your company’s offerings and your customers’ needs, while determining how to maintain a strong presence in the marketplace and create financial stability.

company customer service and satisfaction training by Centrixity

Customer Service Training

Strategic and tactical sales techniques are the vital tools that give you the edge in your market.

pre-screening assessments to help with hiring and employee development - Centrixity

Other Programs

Learn about Effective Communication, Emotional Intelligence: Pathway of Personal Success, High Payoff Hiring, and more!


How We Can Help with Employee Training

We will help identify customized solutions to address your company’s unique and most pressing needs. We help clients in number of key areas, including:


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